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Marketing and Communication Manager.

Hello and welcome to this new episode of the NT podcast. My name is Nathalie and I am happy to accompany you to go through the job of Operational Marketing and Communication Manager.

In a hyper-connected society where brands compete to sell their products or services, the watchword is to communicate and convince. Companies pay particular attention to their images, speeches, community management and acquisition strategies. This is where our international marketing and advertising agency NT Agency comes in.

On the one hand, our communication managers shape the brands' voice and manage their press, social media and daily community presence to build an impeccable image. On the other hand, our Marketing Managers shape the offer to make it attractive and find and convince your future customers.

Depending on the structure, his positions can be very specialized: press manager, content manager, CRM manager, Growth Hacker, or merge to be the same function for the good of companies, our customers and partners.

So how do you know if you will like its services? We talk about it in this episode of Podcast NT.

A clearly defined upstream marketing strategy is essential to succeed in the company’s financial and commercial objectives. This comprehensive and realistic analysis concerns the environment, the market, the targeted clientele as well as the competition. The company’s assets and resources identified complete the diagnosis.

Because the synergy of trades and experiences is at the service of performance and success, our experts offer you an operational marketing communication plan that goes through 4 distinct phases:

  1. Analysis of the internal and external environment: competitive intelligence, market research and so on.

  2. The development of the digital marketing strategy based on marketing actions and good market analysis, but also on the definition of the objectives that your company aims with an effective marketing plan.

  3. The development of an e-marketing action plan, which aims to achieve three main objectives to optimize the customer relationship. Increase the number of customers and retain them; increase the revenue generated by the company on each customer and increase the frequency of purchase of current customers.

  4. The realization of the marketing sales budget which must demonstrate that the commercial strategy to be implemented and the operational actions chosen make it possible to achieve the objectives expected by the shareholders.

The tools we deploy are numerous and are selected according to your objectives, targets to reach but also your allocated budget. We will be able to communicate via traditional channels such as television, radio, display or the press. But also makes you enjoy many options with the development of digital: websites, social media, applications, e-mailing, space purchase and so on.

We will jointly assess the measures implemented and analyse the impact.  Just like well-defined communication channels, we set up relevant performance indicators clearly defined before the project based on your needs and the required analysis.

Its various indicators will allow, modify and adapt your operational and strategic marketing to succeed year after year.

If this podcast made you want to deploy your strategy on different communication media, conduct a study, be accompanied in your digital communication, your web marketing, your marketing strategies or your operational marketing actions, know that our experts are available to implement a strategy and develop a strong identity to stand out in a competitive market.

We look forward to seeing you very soon to examine our various services.

see you soon for a new podcast.
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