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Web developer.

Hello and welcome to this new episode of the NT podcast. My name is Thomas and I am delighted to talk to you about being a web developer.

According to the latest census of the International Telecommunication Union of two thousand twenty-two, about five billion four hundred people, or nearly sixty-seven percent of the world’s population, are connected to the Internet.

In view of all these statistics, brands rely on their online presence, especially thanks to the skills of their developers.

Web, Mobile, Front-end, Back-end or Fulls-tack, whatever their specialties, the developers at NT agency are among the most sought-after professionals for the needs of companies, startups, associations and institutions.

For this episode, we will explain how with us you can turn your idea into an extraordinary digital product.

The needs of companies are changing, leading to the emergence of new applications. This is one of the reasons why developer profiles are becoming increasingly specialized.

At NT Agency, we distinguish three main profiles of web developers: front-end, back-end and full-stack developers.

Our front-end developers are responsible for developing the user interface and interactivity of websites and applications.

Back-ends are responsible for server-side components, such as database construction, application logic, and user authentication. Finally, full-stack developers work on both the front-end and back-end of a website or application.

This experienced trio accompanied by our UX/UI designers, business analysts and project managers, design applications, research models, develop strategies, selects efficient technology stacks and measures the effectiveness of the solutions implemented in order to offer innovative digital products that exceed customer expectations.

We develop state-of-the-art web applications based on powerful programming languages and frameworks to implement each project with the commercial objectives of our customers in mind.

We draw from the world of mobile technology. As a result, we provide our customers with powerful and scalable mobile apps, fully compatible with IOS, Android and Huawei devices.

This is already the end of this episode of the NT Agency podcast dedicated to our web developers.

If you enjoyed this podcast, tell us about your goal and we’ll show you how you can achieve it. Whatever your project, we would be delighted to participate.

We look forward to seeing you very soon to examine our various services.

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