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Digital project manager.

Hello and welcome to this new episode of the NT podcast. I am Alex and I am happy to accompany you to comb through the job of digital project manager.

As companies digitize, the role of the digital project manager becomes increasingly important because it is he who ensures the digital transformation of a company both internally and externally in terms of visibility and brand awareness.

The position of digital project manager we are talking about in this episode is at the crossroads of the new web professions. Digital project managers are responsible for managing digital projects by coordinating various teams such as marketing, development, design and communication. It is therefore a rich profession with varied tasks and at the same time an observatory to evolve in different branches.

The goal of the digital project manager at NT Agency is to be the person who understands everything about your project and ensures that everything goes smoothly. The pace is intense, he works with all the teams and it’s exciting.

How do I know if the project manager at NT Agency has enough experience to manage digital projects? We talk about it in this episode.

At NT Agency, our Digital Project Manager manages projects from start to finish, first supporting our clients' digital thinking and then, taking charge of the implementation phase with his team. It specifies the agile methodological framework and processes for delivering the right product at the right time and in the right way from the point of view of business value and user value.

Upstream it collects the needs of the client, writes the specifications, establishes the schedule of realization of the project, assigns the tasks to the various resources involved, makes respect the deadlines, manages the budget, supervises the design by participating in the UX/ UI and functional choices, oversees the technical implementation, ensures the final delivery of the project and assists sales representatives in the sales phases by contributing, for example, to tenders or by participating in sales meetings by acting as a pre-sales engineer.

As Digital Project Manager at NT Agency, her responsibilities also include facilitating design workshops with clients, collaborating with UX designers and lead developers to create functional and technical specifications, and client presentations to report on progress. It establishes rigorous monitoring processes to meet the deadlines of critical projects ordered by clients, evaluates the performance of monitored projects and generates regular reports on project progress and decisions.

This expert chevronner has a good knowledge of digital technologies and frameworks (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax). He knows the CMS available on the market such as Prestashop, Wordpress, Drupal, Web Flow, Wix Studio and many others. He is familiar with analytics and tracking tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Content Square, as well as Agile and Scrum project management methodologies. He masters the principles of user-centric UX design and collaborates with UX/UI designers and developers. He has knowledge of SEO and web analytics and is able to communicate with a wide variety of people, while being familiar with project management tools such as Confluence, Jira, Teamleader, Slack, Project, Visio, Teams, Figma and Adobe XD. Finally, he knows how to manage a technical team on a daily basis and has the ability to anticipate and alert when problems arise on a project.

This is already the end of this episode of the NT Agency podcats dedicated to the job of digital project manager.

If this podcast made you want to digitize your business, know that our digital project manager is available to implement a strategy and develop a strong identity to stand out in a competitive market.

We look forward to seeing you very soon to comb through our various services.
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