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Drip marketing best practices.

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In the war that brands are waging to capture attention, we receive several emails a day and do not always have the time to open them all even less to read them carefully. The challenge is not only to stand out, but also to be present in your inbox at the right time.

A good strategy to increase your open/click rate and achieve your business goals is drip marketing. This approach allows you to maintain constant contact with your potential and current customers by automating the sending of your emails so that they reach their recipients when they are most receptive.

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What is drip marketing?

It is an automated and highly personalized approach to your email marketing. Your company will thus choose which actions are likely to trigger the sending of emails. It can be the subscription to your newsletter, a purchase on your e-commerce site (or on the contrary a cart abandonment) or participation in one of your virtual events.

The frequency with which you will contact your prospects can also be personalized: a first message when the customer abandons his cart, then another 3 days later and a last email the following week. The content will also vary depending on the actions taken and will be personalized with the name of your contact and the information you hold about them (their purchase history, location, etc.)

The whole point of drip marketing is to provide your customers and prospects with the right information at the right time. If the person has just subscribed to your newsletter, they may for example immediately receive a welcome message. A few days later, you can send him a second email presenting in more detail the products or services that your company offers.

Then, if within X weeks, the prospect has still not placed an order on your site, you can send him an email in which you share a coupon or offer him free shipping on his first purchase.

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The benefits of drip marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Law of the 29th. In marketing, it is considered that a consumer must be exposed to your product 29 times (whether through an ad on social networks or an email) before buying it.

The key to converting a prospect into a customer or retaining a current customer of your brand is therefore to remain “top of mind”. The challenge is not only to remind you regularly of his good memories. But also, to do it at the right time, that is to say the one where he is most likely to act.

The main advantage of drip marketing is to multiply the points of contact with your leads and customers to maximize the chances that they realize the desired action (like downloading a white paper or buying a product). It is therefore a very concrete form of lead nurturing, which is helping consumers progress in your sales funnel.

Each customer or prospect is at a different stage of their buying journey. By customizing and taking care of the timing of your mailing, drip marketing allows you to address all these cases in the most effective way possible.

When it’s well thought out, your drip campaign can help you:

  • Make the most of the automation of your mailing to save time (and money) on your marketing efforts;

  • Activate and retain your prospects and customers more effectively by personalizing your communication and taking into account their purchasing behaviour;

  • Stay “top of mind”, meaning the brand that consumers will think about immediately when they need a product or service in your vertical;

  • Consolidate the credibility and authority of your brand by offering relevant content and offers;

  • Limit revenue leakage/churn rate by reactivating your customers before they turn to competition;

  • Educate consumers and differentiate your brand by sharing valuable information about your products or services, but also about your company’s values.

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What tools for your Drip Marketing campaigns?

Drip marketing campaigns therefore have a number of advantages for your company. But creating automated email sequences isn’t always easy, especially if it’s a first for your brand.

Depending on your industry, your marketing strategy and your commercial objectives, your drip marketing sequences will not be the same. Nevertheless, successful campaigns have all three main elements that can help you structure your drip emailing:

  1. The trigger: an indicator that launches your marketing automation workflow and represents the first step in an effective drip marketing campaign. Triggers include a time limit as well as a particular date or condition that must be met to send an email. To choose your triggers, focus on the weak points of your sales funnel. At what stage do you have the most difficulty in developing your prospects/customers?

  2. Conditions: they allow you to refine your trigger, for example according to the location or history of your target. Conditions make your automation more efficient by checking the given situation and reacting appropriately.

  3. Actions: this is what must happen when after a given trigger, the specified conditions are fulfilled. You can move a subscriber to another mailing list, remove contacts from a group, update a custom field, let you know (or let your team know), and more.

To help you configure your drip emailing, you will need a complete and user-friendly software. Each application has its advantages/specificities. For example, you can turn to MailChimp for its templates, Klaviyo for its A/B testing features or Freshmarketer for your multichannel drip marketing campaigns.

But if you are looking for an all-in-one and accessible tool, turn to NT Agency FZ-LLC. Our plan includes access to all the emailing features you need and we also configure your drip email sequences.



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