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Interest of the sales tunnel concept in B to B.

Image credit © by Getty Image, Marketing Funnel Concept Illustration.
The sales funnel is a concept resulting from BtoC marketing strategies that, based on its success, is increasingly used in BtoB to optimize the sales process and improve the effectiveness of commercial prospecting and customer acquisition.

The sales funnel, also called "sales funnel", is a marketing process that aims to convert a prospect (a lead) into a customer by guiding him through different key steps that will allow him to “mature” until his decision is made.

The sales funnel is composed of several stages, each with the objective of getting the prospect to move to the next stage until the closing of the sale.

Image credit © by Getty Image, Illustration Of Sales Funnel Concept.

The sales funnel allows BtoB companies to better qualify their prospects, maximize their chances of conversion and accelerate their sales process. It also allows them to offer offers better adapted to the needs of their potential customers.

From the customer’s point of view, sales tunnels offer a more pleasant and personalized shopping experience, providing them with information and offers tailored to their specific needs.

The sales funnel is focused on converting the prospect into a customer, while the customer journey encompasses the entire customer buying experience, from contact to after-sales.

The sales funnel is a linear process, while the customer journey can be more complex and use various and varied tools such as email contact, advertising, CRM tools, etc.

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The objectives of a sales tunnel

Increase conversion rate: The main objective of sales tunnels is to convert a prospect into a customer by maximizing the conversion rate at each step.

Speed up the sales process: By guiding the prospect through the different stages of the sales process, the sales funnel also speeds up this process and reduces the time required to close a sale.

Improve customer satisfaction: By offering a more pleasant and personalized shopping experience, the sales funnel also helps improve customer satisfaction.

Retain existing customers: Finally, the sales tunnel can also be used to retain existing customers by offering them offers tailored to their specific needs.

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The different stages of a BtoB sales tunnel

  1. Reaching out: This first step is to get the prospect’s attention and awareness of your business and products or services. This is the first approach system where attention is captured. Different tools can be used: emails, online actions (advertising)

  2. Prospect Qualification: The objective is to qualify the prospect based on their needs and level of interest.

  3. Offer Presentation: This is about presenting an offer tailored to the specific needs of the prospect.

  4. Closing the Sale.

Image credit © by Getty Image, Improved Customer Loyalty to Effective Retention Strategies for Your Small Business.

The sales funnel is essential for any B2B business that wants to maximize its chances of conversion and optimize its conversion process.

At NT Agency FZ-LLC, we implement sales tunnel techniques in order to contact by phone only profiles who have shown an interest in the product or service of our customers. This makes it easier for our customers to make appointments and our conversion rate from leads to sales appointments is over-optimized!

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can explain how we implement this type of strategy for our customers!


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